Computer services and repair

Service and Maintenance

Routine service increases life of the computer.

  • When was the last time you got your computer serviced?
  • Computer is making some noise but you doing know what it is?
  • Computer and/or its peripheral is not working?

We can check the problem and let you know what could be the reason for it to behave like that.

Apart from just attending service calls we also take up maintenance of the computer which includes routine checkup of computer and its peripherals, and making sure your work does not stop.

Installation and Set up

New hardware can stop functioning if not installed correctly.

  • You got new computer peripheral and has too many cables/CDs, you don’t know what to do with is?
  • Hardware installation can be tricky if not followed proper installation steps.

Our experts can help you and assist you to install and set up your newly purchased computer peripheral or an old hardware.

If you are planning to buy computer peripheral, we can tell you which will work perfect for you.

Backup and Transfers

Do not lose out on important files, emails, music, documents, photos etc.

  • Took a new computer and need help in backup and transfer?
  • Planning to format your computer and need help in backup?
  • Giving away your computer and want to take a back up of all files?
  • Do not have enough disk space and want to take a back up of some data?

It can be challenging to remember each file you want to keep it with you.

Our experts can assist you with taking backup and guiding you through series of steps which can make sure you have files that you needed.

Custom Built Computer

Do not buy without consulting the experts.

  • Thinking to buy a computer but don’t know which one to buy?
  • Looking for a computer with a specific hardware and software?
  • Don’t want to buy a branded computer?
  • Looking to upgrade your existing computer?

Discuss with us before making a purchase of your new computer. We can try and get you a better deal.

Diagnostics and Data Recovery

Don’t know what the problem is? Get is diagnosed.

  • Tried multiple things to take care of the problems but did not help?
  • Don’t want to buy hardware or software before finding out what the problem is?
  • You know you lost an important data and want help in recovering it?

Without Knowing the problem solving can increases the complexity.

We know which tools/software to use to pinpoint the issue and take care of it in minimal time.