Computer services and repair

Speed and Optimization

Slow computer means spending more time doing nothing and sitting idle.

  • Computer is taking more than usual to boot?
  • It takes time to open any software?
  • Your frequently see “Not Responding” message for most of the softwares?

Your system needs full diagnostic to check if it is a problem with software or hardware. We use certain softwares and tools which helps us to identify the cause of the problem.

It is not necessary that only hardware or software is making PC slow, at times it is both which is making system slower.

Spyware and Virus

Computer is infected with Spyware or Virus?

  • Is computer running very slow?
  • See lot unwanted popup ads?
  • Computer is attacked with Virus or Trojan?
  • Some unwanted program is installed on your computer and you don’t know about it?

All above issues are symptoms of Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware , Hijacker & BHOs installed in your computer. You need to have your system cleaned so that it does not harm your system data any more.

We use special techniques and softwares to remove such harmful files from your PC. We also manage backup and restore of your data if required.

Restore and Recover

Ouch! We understand the importance of the data.

  • System will not boot to operating system?
  • Don’t see nothing on computer screen?(make sure monitor is powered on)
  • Hear clicking sound from the computer?
  • System says “…. File missing”?
  • You know you lost an important data and want help in recovering it?

Do NOT give up. Allow us to take care of it once before you give up on your data. We can attempt to recover data which is lost. At times we were successful in recovering full data.

Note: We might need original discs that came with your PC to install operating system, drivers and other softwares.

Installation and Updates

Software and Operating System installation with ease.

  • Installation of software applications and/or Operating system.
  • Bought a new computer without OS? 
  • Want to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8?
  • Computer won’t start up anymore?
  • Just want a new installation?

Looking for any of above services? We are here to help you. We install only genuine licensed copy of the operating system. We recommend to keep your windows, drivers and antivirus software updated to protect your PC from virus and spyware attacks.

Browsing and Internet

Internet, an important part of our daily life. Are you missing out on it?

  • Does it take time to open a website?
  • Most of the time you get “Page cannot be displayed.”?
  • Getting frequently disconnected from internet?
  • You don’t know where the temp folder is?
  • Unable to use skype or audio/video chat with family and friends?

If you are facing any of the above issues, your PC should be checked for internet connectivity. There can be more than one reason for internet net not working properly. We can diagnose and find out what the problem is  and help you to connect to the world again.